Kidney Transplantation...

Before starting a very specific discussion on kidney transplantation in India it is essential for all to know what exactly is meant by a kidney transplant procedure. There are certain organs which are present inside our body in pairs such as our eyes lungs and ears. 

Similarly in case of kidneys too, we are gifted with a pair. Function of kidneys is to mainly purify a human's blood and help in urine formation. 

If one kidney fails then other one can carry on as usual. But problems arise if both of them fail. In that case a surgical process is needed in which a new kidney from a willing donor is used to replace defective kidney. 

Main thing that is to be considered is that new kidney should be compatible with patient and this determined by means of blood tests. Now this brings us to discussion of kidney transplantation in India. 

Kidney transplantation in India has now become a very common occurrence. This would surprise many who remember India from its olden days. 

In older times India was seen as a hell house of diseases which is in stark contrast to image that it carries now which is of a haven of treatment. 

Today India is seen by people from all over world as an ideal place for medical tourism. So as a result of these changes those have taken place in India as well as in people's notions about it have now become a center of medical treatment for patients from all over world. 

And unlike earlier times when India was seen as a center of ayurvedic or spiritual treatment today it is looked upon as a hub of all types of modern treatments and as a result of that kidney transplantation in India does not remain a matter to be surprised by. 



But there are certain rules and regulations that govern any treatment or procedure related to kidney transplantation in India. To begin with patient or his or her family will themselves have to find a donor who is willing to donate his or her kidney for operation on patient. Hospitals in India do not take responsibility of locating donors. Next important matter that has to be kept in mind is that it is very much essential to get permission from Government of India before carrying out any kidney transplantation in India over there. And these are the rules, not hurdles in India which has become favorite spot for most medical tourists.