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    Al-Khidmah Medical Tourism takes cares of everything which you require during your medical visit to India for a simple and stress free stay, to make your journey as simple as possible, we will help take care of all the formalities required. That way, you can focus on your treatment while we do the rest. 

    Our personalised and experienced team will always work to make sure your journey to India, comfortable and a lifetime time soothing experience.

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    Al-Khidmah Medical Tourism was founded in early 2011 and is one of the Leading Medical Value tourism companies in India. Our Aim of our company is to help people looking for Safe, High Quality & Economical Healthcare options in India. We are honoured and proud to stand by our aim of providing best healthcare at reasonable price. We at Al-Khidmah Medical Tourism appreciate the opportunity you give to us to help you achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. 

    At Al-khidmah Medical Tourism we provide you a complete range of surgical and Non-Surgical options from a variety of corporate healthcare providers, wherein we believe in offering our patients the Highest Level of Care and Medical Expertise at an Affordable price point. 

    Indian hospitals have specialists in a wide variety of fields. India boasts some of the world's leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists and weight loss/obesity specialists and much more. Much of India's best medical talent can be found in our hospitals. If you were to pay an American surgeon with the skills and a reputation that some of our specialists have, you could end up spending a fortune.


    Our Vision...

    We know that when we provide service excellence for our patients, everything else takes care of itself. Al-khidmah Medical Tourism operates in an environment where safety and quality are the first and foremost responsibility to our patients

    Our Values...

    Al-Khidmah Medical Tourism strives to provide the highest standard of health care and excellent service to our patients. We continually look for new opportunities/ways to improve our care and service, and we always seek to understand and exceed expectations.

    Our workmates know they can rely on the team. We are open and honest in our communications, embrace constructive feedback and recognise achievements. At Al-Khidmah Medical Tourism, we aim to earn each other's respect and receive it in return.