In the modern world, the French surgeon, Charles Duiarier used modern techniques for body contouring and removal of fat. The process of liposuction was started in the 1960s by surgeons in Europe. 

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery operation that is performed to remove fat from many places on the human body. Very often it is found that due to faulty living style or genetic predisposition or diet, etc. many people accumulate excess fat on their body. 

Lipoplasty, liposculpture and suction lipectomy are also other names liposuction is known by. Liposuction involves the use of a small stainless tube called a cannula. 

The cannula (a hollow tube) and an aspirator (a suction device) are used. The cannula is connected to this powerful suction pump. It creates tiny tunnels through the fatty layers. 

The cannula is inserted into the skin through small incisions. Liposuction in India has not caught on much. Liposuction in India is more popular in cities, especially in large, modern cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata and there are very few patients of the technique in the rural areas however great the need must be. It is popular in the western countries to a great extent. Many celebrities go for liposuction to improve their body contour. 

Liposuction can be performed anywhere in the body from where excess fat can be removed. 

Liposuction can be performed any place on the body from where localized fat can be removed. That means one can perform liposuction on the buttocks, thighs, stomach and hips.


The main aim of liposuction is to remove excess fat from those areas in the body from where dieting or other procedures are unsuccessful in removing excess fat. Speaking about liposuction in India, there is sometimes a stigma attached to it. 

Certain factors have to be kept in mind before one decides to go for liposuction. Those who have normal weight, elastic skin and fat pockets in their body may go for liposuction. Liposuction in India is resorted to only by the more well-to-do. 

Some hospitals, private hospitals, private nursing homes and doctor's clinics conduct liposuction in India. Liposuction in India is not available in government hospitals and clinics. In the cities, the private nursing homes and clinics are popular among the better-to- do patients. But, it would be a long time before the technique of treatment catches on in the country.