Foot Surgery...

Advances in technology in all fields, especially medical field is happening at a very fast rate in India. As a result various surgeries and medical procedures which were earlier not possible in India are taking place with surprising regularity in the country. Foot surgery in India can be taken as an example of that trend which has just been mentioned above.

This surprising and astonishing change has been made possible by exponential development and improvement in infrastructure in India. Development has become multi faceted which was very much essential because if just health care had improved it would not have served any purpose with all other amenities lagging behind.

It is because of these all round developments that India has become a global hub of medical tourism and due to which foot surgery in India and many other such complicated surgeries have become a daily affair for most medical practitioners While we are discussing on topic of foot surgery in India it is imperative for us to discuss a bit further about foot surgeries themselves so that one can gain a comprehensive or holistic knowledge about these surgeries. Foot surgeries are usually conducted to correct some physical deformities which in most cases are hereditary in nature and are usually present from time of birth of patient Hammertoes and toe shortening are two such diseases to correct which foot surgery in India takes place. In case of former shape of toes is deformed, while in case of latter one toe is longer than another leading to formation of painful corns on feet. Bunion is another common foot deformity which is more often found in women. Bunion is an example of a hereditary foot deformity.

Foot surgery in India is conducted which can cure all of above mentioned deformities as well as many other which have not been mentioned here.

But one might wonder why would people from developed countries, which themselves have high quality medical practitioners as well as world class infrastructure, would opt out of their own will to get done a foot surgery in India.