Prof. Naaji, Baghdad (IRAQ)

The level of care- including hospitality, beside manner and experience, I received from the care givers at Al-khidmah Medical tourism was second to none.

Mr. Mohammad Yunis, (NIGERIA)

The moment I arrived India, I felt completely safe in the hands of Al-khidmah Medical Tourism. Immediate steps were taken to relieve me of my problem. Well equipped with excellent facilities comprising of comfort, cleanliness and an efficient nursing staff, Al-khidmah Medical Tourism has left a very positive impression of the medical facilities here in India.

Sheikh Hussain, Najaf (IRAQ)

I am happy with my treatment and the compassionate care provided to me by Al-khidmah Medical Tourism team, it feels like a family with them.

Er. Emad Zafar, Kabul (AFGHANISTAN)

The compassionate care provided by hospital staff has been great. The staffs were prompt in giving the timely discourse to my problem. I am very happy as how quickly things were resolved by Al-khidmah Medical Tourism.

Mr. Rasheed bin Mahir, San'aa (YAMAN)

They were patient, persistent and very cooperative throughout my interaction with Al-khidmah Medical Tourism. They arranged a pick-up from my hotel and had already taken prior appointments. The admission process was very smooth. The patient care & nursing was very impressive.

Mr Hasan, Riyadh (SAUDI ARABIA)

When i came to India, My weight was 105 kg and after Liposuction i loosed 21 kgs. Really .... it was a wonderful experience, when i saw myself slim. It was so nice to have me back and it feels great when someone came to pick u and provide all the miscellaneous requirements which is necessary to a new place.

Dr Majeed. Najaf (IRAQ)

I was a patient in the ICU, April 19-24 and again April 27-May. During these stays, I was given the best care and treatment by the following nursing staff of Al-khidmah Medical Tourism Pvt. Ltd. Of all the professionals on your staff, Mr. Zakiullah was far and above what would be expected. His care and professionalism for her patients is without reproach. Mr. Zakiullah his duties; while understanding the needs of his patients along with the needs of their family members. If all members had Mr. Zakiullah's understanding of the total role of a nurse then all of us would have a better life. Thank you for providing the outstanding professionals to care for patients in ICU. This is not to say that I was given poor treatment by any staff. I received excellent care by everyone. This letter is informing you that Mr. Zakiullah is the Best-of-the-Best.

Mr. and Mrs. Mahmood Al-Mahrouqi, Salalah, (OMAN)

We want to express our appreciation for your (Al-khidmah Medical Tourism Pvt. Ltd.) wonderful hospitality and even more wonderful staff. I was welcomed by Mr. Zakiullah and his team on MARCH 20, 2013 and everyone we met during my stay was considerate, professional while still being friendly and caring. We don't have a lot of experience with hospitals, but we know quality when we experience it. Your facility, whiled being a little challenging to find your way around was spotlessly clean and designed to make your patients comfortable and the family and friends feel welcome and comfortable as well. We cannot thank you enough for providing such a comforting, but top-notch environment for what was for us, a very scary procedure. Everyone, and I mean everyone, we were in contact with were wonderful, but we particularly want to mention Mr. Zakiullah  who made us feel even extra special and cared for. Thank you for providing such a fine group of care-givers and facility.

Fatima Ali Hassan, Messan (IRAQ)

Dear Zakiullah I can't thank you enough for your help (with my breast Cancer). No one has ever helped me this much. I will always think a lot of you for that.

Sheikh Shujaa, Diyalah (IRAQ)